Escarpment Sound Studios Owner/Engineer
Brian Hewson

Brian Hewson

*produced or co-produced and engineered. All others engineered.

Recorded Albums & Projects 2016
Artist Title
The Ted Blackbourn Big Band The Ted Blackbourn Big Band 2016



Recorded Albums & Projects 2015

Artist Title
Stompin Tom Connors Songs From The Vault  Vol #2
TYLER YOUNG* Stuck  in the 90's
Dusty Strings* Almost There
Tony McManus Tony McManus
Ramjet Ramjet
Jimmy V Jimmy V

Recorded Albums & Projects 2014

Artist Title
The Manatee Band  Look The Other Way 
Stompin Tom Connors Songs From The Vault  Vol #1
TYLER YOUNG in progress
The Ted Blackbourn Big Band KINETIC
Michael MacDonald Geoffrey Street Piper
Recorded Albums & Projects 2013
Healthy Libido Healthy  Libido
Missing Wedesday Missing Wednesday
The Durants The Durants
Big Whisky  Big Whisky
 Boo Radley Project Boo Radley Project
 Lucas  Rogerson Streetlights
Sapphire City Sapphire City

Recorded Albums & Projects 2012
Artist Title
Turner Fenton Jazz  Turner Fenton Jazz 2011-12
Stretch Orchestra- juno winner Stretch Orchestra
Stompin Tom Connors and the Roads of Life
Mortal Fear  Mortal Fear
 Empire in Arms Empire in Arms
 Lucas  Rogerson Drayton
Brain Fudge Brain Fudge

Recorded Albums & Projects 2011
Artist Title
The Fires Of  The Fires Of
Nick Johnston Nick Johnson
Koetta Black Koetta Black
Daddy Long Legs Liar's Cheats & Scoundrels
Turner Fenton Jazz  Turner Fenton Jazz 2010-11
General Store Phantom Train
Freeloader* The Freeloader Project
Marion's Country Band  Marion's Country  Band 
Peel Police Pipe Band  Peel Police Pipe Band

Recorded Albums & Projects 2010
Artist Title
Free whiskey string band 1st CD
Kevin Moyse Songs of Georgian Bay
The Boomerangs The Boomerang
Turner Fenton Jazz Turner Fenton Jazz 09-10
General Store In Progress
Tone Pigs In Progress
Shane Reilly Better Later Than Never
Hometown Roots Hometown Roots
Ariana Gillis To Make It Better
Exit Delay* Forget to Watch the Fire
The Free Whiskey String Band Tales from the Jug
The Black List The Black List
Consider it Wednesday Consider it Wednesday

Recorded Albums & Projects 2009
Artist Title
The Black Family  Maple Sugar
Kicking Trudy  Silver
Passilith Passilith
Blue Radio Blue Radio
Turner Fenton Jazz  Turner Fenton Jazz 2008-09
Romane Dane  Morning Star
Ariana Gillis To Make it Happen

Recorded Albums & Projects 2008
Artist Title
Slide by Slide  
Turner Fenton Jazz Turner Fenton jazz 2008
Interplay We've Got Time
The Vurge The Vurge
Roman Dane Dragonfly
Campfire Poets Campfire Poets
Marcia Barnes Born Lover
Kicking Trudy Silver
Neil Cotton  
Stompin' Tom Connors The Ballad of Stompin' Tom


ecorded Albums & Projects 2007
Artist Title
Glasspack Another Case
Turner Fenton Jazz Turner Fenton Jazz 2007
Bisquit Puppy Biscuit Puppy
The Wounded The Wounded
Women of Note Women of Note
Neil Cotton * Georgetown will always be home
Max Bent * Weight of the World
Marcia Barnes My Soul Talking
Interplay In Progress
My Sweet Patootie My Sweet Patootie
Kicking Trudy In Progress
The Terrells The Terrells
Tony McManus

In Progress


Recorded Albums & Projects 2006
Artist Title
Alysha Brooke I Talk Country
Turner Fenton Jazz Turner Fenton Jazz 2006
Royal City Jazz Quartet That's a Plenty
General Store More in Store
Pungent Bros. Pungent Bros.
Kevin Harkin Harkin
Wendy West Somewhere over there
Chrisine Patton Christine Patton
Doghouse Doghouse
Eamonn Oconnell Greg Hampson The Mountain Pass
Marcia Barnes My Latin Roots
Mike Parker Mike Parker
Ernie Kalwa Quartet The Autumn Leaves
You Yourselves Make it Happen


Recorded Albums & Projects 2004
Artist Title
Max Bent * The Blues You Have
Stompin' Tom Connors And The Hockey Mom Tribute
Jennifer Mitchell Country Memories
Kirs10 Tart
Donna Loree Donna Loree
Pat Schneider Warm Remembrance
Cameo Jazz  
Kennedy Road  
Trace Nine Live for somethiing more (single)
Georgian Bay
Folk Society Youth Project
People and the Land
Pat Schneider White Christmas
Halton Junior Jazz  
Sue Windover Trial by Fire


Recorded Albums & Projects 2002
Artist Title
Since 1984 *  
Stompin' Tom Connors Ode To The Road
Accappella Showcase A Cappella Gold
New Covenant Quartet Somthing Beautiful
Interplay Interplay
Glasspack * Return your empies
Goodfellas Demo
Profit Strangers Profit Strangers
Elton Lammie  
Leslie Pike  
58 Skivies  
Larry Melton * Ridin' On
Third Input  


Recorded Albums & Projects 2000
Artist Title
Trev John * Stanpoint
Laura Bird Dreamwalker
Smackbelly Smackbelly
Carpe Diem Carpe Diem
Fergus Brass Band Second Time Around
Sambonne * Sambonee 2000
Mona's Boys Mona's Boys
Cambridge Jazz Trio Christmas Presence
Glasspack Glasspack 2
Style Kings Style Kings
Hideaway Hideaway


Recorded Albums & Projects 1998
Artist Title
Fire & Water * Harmless
The Prism + 1 Quartet The Big Couch
Down to Earth * Earth Music
The Latest Casualties * Suffixificationalization
Heather Smith The Rules
Venturi Winds Etched in Time
Oliver Twist Oliver Twist


Recorded Albums & Projects 1996
Artist Title
Sandy MacIntyre Steeped In Tradition
The Latest Casualties * The Latest Casualties
Bedrokk Undertow
Shredethic Shredethic
Cambridge Jazz Trio Cambride Jazz Trio
Double Exposure One More Time


Recorded Albums & Projects 1994/93
Artist Title
Men Without Hairs Laugh
Milton Optimist Jr. Pipe Band  
Stompin' Tom Connors Dr. Stompin Tom..... Eh?
Bonnie Brigant Saving Today for Tomorrow


Recorded Albums & Projects 1991
Artist Title
Murmur * Bank Pressure
Bory Grove Bory Grove
Stompin' Tom Connors More of the Stompin' Tom Phenomenon
Genetic Rythym Taste


Recorded Albums & Projects 1982-84
Artist Title
Triumph Stages (Mind Games)
Gordon Deppe (The Spoons) Listen To The City
Vigilants Run for Cover
Border City Bluegrass At Last
Peeter Kopvillem Kuku Sa Kagu
Denis Lepage and Station Road I'm on my way home again
Lou Champagne System No Visible Means


Brian Hewson has been working in the sound and recording industry for  over thirty five years. Back in the early 70's he was a Bass player then guitar player in a few  local Georgetown Bands .He had a keen interest in music and equipment so in 1977 he enrolled in the Media Arts program at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario to study recording and film . During the 3 year course he had a chance to do many recordings and worked with some up and coming stars such as Rick Santers and Platinum Blonde.

After graduation he began working at Soundpath Productions in Oakville. First as an assistant , then as an engineer .It was here that he worked on some great projects such as Triumphs "Stages" album , the Spoons "listen to the city "album, demos by Lee Aaron , Tim Thorney, Joel Feeney , Lisa Dalbello and many others . As well as hundreds of commercials and film soundtracks.
While still at Soundpath he began teaching part time at Sheridan College teaching the 3rd year Audio and Recording course, a position which he held for 14 years. During this time he was doing freelance engineering with artists like, The Mercy Brothers, Jeff Bird and Double Exposure. Also during this time he held a job doing live sound at a club on Queen street in Toronto. In 1986 he built a small but efficient studio in Acton ON and called it "Escarpment Sound Studio" because of the Niagara Escarpment which runs through the area.

For five years he worked out of this small but productive 16 track studio doing demo's, commercials and albums including 3 "Stompin Tom Connors" projects  and all of the Olde Hide House , "worth the drive to Acton" commercials. Then in 1990 he purchased a 23 acre farm north of Acton that had a stone foundation he knew would be perfect for the larger studio that he wanted to build.

Work was completed in 1991 and the new "Escarpment Sound Studio" was born. This studio was used for over 20 years putting out hundreds of high quality projects, including 7 more Stompin Tom CD's . Also during this time he taught at The Metal Works Institute part Time .
Then in the summer of 2012 Escarpment Sound joined together with Ignition  Sound studios on a 50 acre farm in Belwood ,near Fergus . Together they  combined their equipment and talents to make an amazing studio , which now has a full kitchen and over night accommodations. 
This is where Brian is now recording, playing and Producing.

            You can reach Brian by email at



Recorded Albums & Projects 2005
Artist Title
Father Mark Curtis * Coming Home
Max Bent * Max Bent
New Covenant Quartet Echoes
Vintage Vintage
Sludgepot Demo
Turner Fenton Jazz Jazz 2005
R.F. Hall Twisted
David Gillis David Gillis
Rolly Rocker & Hemi Heads Live
Bisquit Puppy Bisquit Puppy
Ron Ward 'Deja Vu'
Marcia Barnes Marcia Barnes

Recorded Albums & Projects 2003
Artist Title
Moonraker (from New York)  
Since 84 Since 84
Marcia Barnes Marcia Barnes
Cleer Insyte Demo
The Shards * The Redhaired Boy
Restricted Demo
One Point Loss One Point Loss
Under Arrest Under Arrest
Prophecy 1:27 Prophecy 1:27
Trace Nine Trace Nine
Lynzie Kent Home for Christmas
Turner Fenton Jazz Jazz Band 2003 2004
1812 1812
Settlers Creek Demo

Recorded Albums & Projects 2001
Artist Title
Free Agents In The Network
Gerry Arpa & The Flashbacks Gerry Arpa & The Flashbacks
Macdonald Caledonia Juvenile Pipe Band
Kick-Ass Knights Live
The Mike Branton Band Dirty Feet
The Spicolis EP
Mona's Boys Fantasy
Slurpy Mundae EP
Oliver & Leyte Where does it end
Paula Coombs Feeliing Better
Laura Lavery
Hide Away  
The Shards * Beggers Road


Recorded Albums & Projects 1999
Artist Title
Stompin' Tom Connors Move Along
Mark Laforme True to Form
Cambridge Jazz Trio Live
Royal City Saxophone Quartetf Ticklin' Time
Wheatstones Bridge Unstable Dreams
Black & Blue Band Skitterin' Up
The New Covenant Quartet To His Glory
Mona's Boys In progress
St. Andrews Childrens Choir Jubilee 2000
Glasspack Glasspack

Recorded Albums & Projects 1997
Artist Title
Stompin' Tom Connors Confederation Bridge
Royal City Saxophone Quartet Ragtime for Rent
The Terrells Sentimental Journey
Bad Weather Bad Weather
Clean Sweep Paradise Run
SamBonee * SamBonee
Fallen Angels Fallen Angels


Recorded Albums & Projects 1995
Artist Title
Stompin' Tom Connors Long Gone To The Yukon
Marc Nelson Marc Nelson
Eleven Ounces Eleven Ounces
Elclipse Eclipse



Recorded Albums & Projects 1992
Artist Title
Murmur Outlook
Steve Lee & The Ride Steve Lee & The Ride
Stompin' Tom Connors Believe in Your Country



Recorded Albums & Projects 1985-90
Artist Title
Donna Lee O'Connor Donna Lee O'Connor
Stompin' Tom Connors Fiddle & Song
Double Exposure * Double Exposure
Men Without Hairs *

The New MWH Album







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